The Transformation

So a while back I bought tickets to Twenty One Pilots (more on that in another post) and pretty much around that time I decided I wanted cool hair to go with my tickets to that concert.  I have never spent money on a salon dye job because I tend to have a hard time spending money on my hair. I used to only get haircuts at the 12 dollar places (which is not a good idea with curly hair).  Finally about a month ago I went to get a haircut at a fancy salon down the street from me. It cost a fortune but I thought it was worth it if I want to start wearing my hair down more.  I feel like I’m getting a bald spot on the back of my head from wearing pony tails so much!

Fast forward through a month of googling pictures of girls with purple and pink hair and I made the decision. I was going to get my hair done professionally. Before I would just get my mom to attempt to bleach it and I would use some drug store brand and hope for the best. It has worked well in the past so long as I chose dark colors. I did try to go blonde once…that didn’t turn out so well.  Anyway, the other day I finally booked a date to get it done. Today was that day.

I had an idea of what I wanted but because of my roots and my lighter ends I wasn’t sure if it would be doable. After talking with the stylist and showing her my pictures she came up with a plan of attack and the process started.


Above you can see the mess she had to work with. Having really curly hair means having really frizzy hair. My roots are my natural color and the lighter used to be a sort of burgundy red color. What once was a very pretty color had faded into copper. The stylist was quick to tell me that I had pretty eyes and eyebrows (the eyes thing I have heard before, not the eyebrows one though!) I decided I liked her because, let’s be honest, who notices eyebrows? So after she slathered some highlights and I sat under a dryer for 15 minutes (which is hell if you run hot on a regular day, like me) it was time for the actual color.

I feel like I should be spewing some conspiracy theory or something

I’ll admit, once the color went on I was a little skeptical. It looked darker than I wanted. I was aiming for a sort of pastel purple pink mix but I trusted her abilities. She slathered on the purple dye like she was painting drywall, all the while telling me stories about her recent trip to Maui (which sounds like a dump to be honest). Then I sat again, for another 15 minutes, swiping my way through Tinder while the woman next to me talked about her perfect child. By the way, is it bad when you run out of people in your area that are on Tinder…I feel like that’s a bad thing and I maybe need to lay off it for a bit. Anyways, once she rinsed the dye out I finally got a look at what I was working with. It looked good wet and I knew it would be lighter when it was dry. Back under the dryer I went.

Is this what it feels like to be a Kardashian?

Another overheated 10 minutes later, I was out of the dryer and looking at my kind of dry hair. I liked it. Because she just did highlights with the bleach and didn’t cover my whole head I have a nice spectrum of color going on. Some light, some dark, some pink and some purple. It is lighter on the ends because my hair was originally lighter on the ends, accidental ombre if you will. I walked out feeling like a bad ass that was also kind of pretty like a fairy that can kill you. I also felt like I should be going to Coachella or something. I still kind of do. Anyways, here’s the end result. Let me know what you think.

It’s lighter in real life

So yes, it took a bite out of my credit card balance but I feel better with it. It has given me confidence and I can’t wait to go to the concert next month which is what the whole purpose of this was anyways. I say mission accomplished. Until next time.


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