The Blink 182 concert is tonight. It’s happening right now as a matter of fact. I’m sure that place is going insane with the opener…unless Blink have already taken the stage. I had tickets to the concert but after thinking about it, decided to sell them. I sold them for a few reasons.

Firstly, I was stressing out about it. Sure I was excited about it, but that is a huge venue for a band that I’m not absolutely in love with. I listened to their new album a while back and it had one or two good songs. Seems to not really be my type of music anymore. I do like some of their older stuff though. I’m sure they will be playing a ton of the old music as well as the new. Maybe if they were aisle seats I would have been more inclined to go. I had enough trouble at the Twenty One Pilots concert and that was a way smaller venue and I had sight of the exit the entire time. I have been trying a lot lately to face my anxieties and not let the fear stop me. By doing this, I have discovered that I am capable of a lot more than I give myself credit for. If I at least try, chances are I can do it. This just wasn’t really worth the immense stress for me. It would have been really hard on my body to sit through that. Maybe next time they will be at an even smaller venue.

The second reason is that quite frankly we can use the money from the sold tickets more than we can use a Blink concert. Things are tight right now (they always are) and money is better than the stress it would cause, that’s for sure. I tried selling them for more than they were worth (only $20 more) but was nervous that they weren’t selling so I lowered them to cost. I won them so they really didn’t cost me anything. It’s money in my pocket (well, mom’s actually). Once I lowered the price, they sold pretty quick. Still waiting on the money to come through from StubHub though. But I know PayPal is extremely slow. Hopefully it will come in this week.

The third, and most important really, is that mom has come down with pneumonia. She is coughing constantly, can’t sleep in her bed because of coughing and has been sleeping in her chair in the living room so she can breathe better. I sure as hell can’t drag her to a punk concert in a huge venue with people everywhere when she has pneumonia and can barely walk around without coughing up a lung. I got sick after the Awolnation concert (of course) and she ended up with it. She got a bit better and then all of a sudden got smacked with pneumonia. She seems to be really struggling with it, plus her coughing all night is keeping me up all night too.

Even though I have what I think are legitimate reasons for selling the tickets, I still feel a bit of FOMO. I feel like I should be there regardless of anxiety and that it’s a failure in the fight against it if I don’t go, even though there are reasons other than anxiety. Just something I need to get figured out for myself I guess. The last time they came and I chickened out at the door, I was devastated and was convinced that I would never get another chance. They have come back twice since then, to smaller and smaller venues. Hopefully next time they come to the QE or something. I will most likely get another chance and if not, it’s okay. At least this time, it wasn’t only my anxiety stopping me. I am trying to hold on to that thought.



Last night was a bit of a dud. I went to see Rob Thomas at the Hard Rock Theater. I went to that same venue for Three Days Grace a few months ago and it was pretty awesome. I guess the venue itself was alright. But some strange things happened. Not to mention I waited in line at the bar for 20 minutes for a bottle of water. Slowest bartenders in existence. If I remember correctly, I had that same issue the last time I was there. Anyways, on to the concert.

As soon as I got there, I noticed a trend. A bunch of middle aged soccer moms out for a night on the town with that hunk Rob Thomas. I think I was probably the youngest person there, or at least one of the youngest. I got in line at the bar at about 7:45 and stayed there until after 8…so shitty.

Not exactly a full house

The first thing I saw when I walked into the actual theater, was a woman sitting on the floor with paramedics surrounding her. I figured maybe she just had a bit too much to drink. Not used to the hard stuff or something. It was surprising though because the show hadn’t even started and there was already someone laid out. I moved on, took my spot along the wall and waited for the show to start while trying to remain relatively calm. Even though I have been to this venue before, it is very close to my house and it was the second time I have been to a concert alone, I was still a bit of a wreck. Fucking anxiety. After a few minutes, the woman on the floor was escorted out to a waiting ambulance.

Suprisingly, Rob didn’t have an opener. In the states he had the Counting Crows open for him. I think Daughtry even played with him once. Not at my show though. I guess no one wanted to come to Canada…or maybe they weren’t allowed….He was supposed to go on at 8 but ended up going on at about 8:15 ish..which is fine cause I was still in the line at the bar at 8. I was a little surprised to see him walk on the stage with just an acoustic guitar in hand. There was no drum kit on the stage. There was a grand piano and two other guitars. I talked to a friend that had gone to the concert in her city and she stated it wasn’t an acoustic event. The tickets certainly didn’t say acoustic. Not sure if I would have spent that much on the tickets had I known it was going to be acoustic….It was acoustic, or at least what I consider acoustic. I just said acoustic way to many times.

Just a man and his guitar

About 15 or 20 minutes into the show another person hit the floor. He was helped out of the theater and placed on a stretcher, oxygen mask on, blood pressure cuff and all that. At this point I was a little confused. This person clearly wasn’t there with the lady that left earlier in an ambulance. This was an older audience but the show was far from rowdy. Everyone was kind of just standing there during the show, apart from the drunk assholes in front of me that were just idiots. At this point, I resigned to the fact that this was not going to be a rock show….not even a good pop show, more of an intimate MTV Unplugged type thing. Maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad if there had been chairs and tables to sit at, but this was a standing only event unless you were on the balcony. It was pretty lame.

Disco ball picture
Does this look like a shitty prom to anyone else?

Another 20 or 30 minutes go by and yet another man is helped out by security. He walks to the lobby and this time I didn’t bother watching. Mostly because I had relocated to the center of the room to try to get away from the drunks. I had a nice fancy post to lean on and was just sitting there. I had a great view of Rob and the two guys he was playing with. One of the things that kind of bugged me about the concert was that he seemed to spend more time telling stories and attempting jokes than actually singing. When he sang 3 AM, he actually stopped mid song to talk..what the fuck. I don’t mind the little nuances between the songs, crowd talk to get people hyped and stuff, but this was overkill. After he played 3 AM, I left. When I went to the lobby to leave, the guy that had been helped out earlier was there getting ready to be loaded on to a stretcher. Three people down within the first hour of the show. No one left that place on a stretcher when I went to Three Days Grace and that concert had crowd surfing and mosh pits. Mom is convinced it was fentanyl laced coke..I’m not sure what it was. I left the show early, got a giant container of pasta salad and called it a night.

Another one bites the dust

I was pretty disappointed by the show. I really wish they would have stated that it was an acoustic set. Not my kinda thing I guess. Now I have to decide whether I am going to sell the Blink 182 tickets or attempt going. Am I too old to go to a Blink 182 concert? I think it’s more for redemption than an actual love of the music…and I love money too. I guess I will have to ask mom as technically she won the tickets. Then after that, Alice Cooper at the QE and then this wild streak of concerts will be over. I still don’t know why I am doing this to myself.